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Administration & Support Staff

Gail Milton
Contact Mrs. Milton by email

Attendance / Registration
Lupita Ayala
Contact Ms. Ayala by email

Cafeteria Lead
Cathy Cruz
Contact Ms. Cruz by email

Ashley Hult
Contact Ms. Hult by email

Curriculum Service Provider
Rachel Stevens
Contact Mrs. Stevens by email

Custodian (p.m.)
Ursula Espinoza
Contact Ms. Espinoza by email

Custodian (a.m.)
Maria Robles-Corrales
Contact Ms. Robles-Corrales by email

Health Office Assistant
Jessie Aldecoa
Contact Mrs. Aldecoa by email

Library Aide 
Jodie Felix
Contact Ms. Felix by email

Sara Enriquez
Contact Mrs. Enriquez by email

Monitor / Teacher Assistant
Trini Heredia
Contact Ms. Heredia by email

Monitor / Teacher Assistant
Angela Rudd
Contact Ms. Rudd by email

Monitor / Teacher Assistant
Jamie Soutee
Contact Ms. Soutee by email

MTSS Coordinator
Gina Wycoff
Contact Ms. Wycoff by email

Shelley Clark
Contact Ms. Clark by email

Office Manager
Cheri Malloy
Contact Mrs. Malloy by email

OMA - Opening Mines through the Arts        
Robert Rawdin
           Contact Mr. Rawdin by email
          Visual Arts 

          Sarah Howard
          Contact Mrs. Howard by email

Michael Salado
Contact Mr. Salado by email

Shanelle Vallejo

Contact Ms. Vallejo by email

Preschool Ex Ed Assistant
Sherry Hesson
Contact Mrs. Hesson by email

Preschool Ex Ed Assistant
Katrina Moreno
Contact Mrs. Moreno by email

Preschool/Tuition - Teacher
Blanca Morelos
Contact Ms. Morelos by email

Resource Teacher Ex Ed
Jackie Brents
Contact Mrs. Brents by email

Resource Teacher Ex Ed
Jeannie Starks
Contact Ms. Starks by email

Resource Teacher - ELL
Gretchen Meisel
Contact Mrs. Meisel by email

Liz Bagger
Contact Ms. Bagger by email

Teacher Assistant
Priscilla Carino
Contact Miss Carino by email

Teacher Assistant
Irma Sedano
Contact Mrs. Sedano by email

Teacher Assistant
Jordon Vironet
Contact Mr. Vironet by email

Teacher Assistant Ex. Ed.
Carmen Callegos
Contact Ms. Gallegos by email


Kiyani Cox-Hammack
Contact Mrs. Cox-Hammack by email

Michelle Gonzales
Contact Ms. Gonzales by email

1st grade
Cristobal Morales
Contact Mr. Morales by email

1st grade
Leslie Yockey
Contact Mrs. Yockey by email

2nd grade
Jenny Larsen-Bustamante
Contact Mrs. Bustamante by email

2nd grade
Susan Sherry
Contact Mrs. Sherry by email

2nd grade
Tiffany Schoonover
Contact Mrs. Schoonover by email

3rd grade
Anissa Hernandez
Contact Mrs. Hernandez by email

3rd grade
Tiffany Schoonover
Contact Mrs. Schoonover by email

4th grade
Sarah Boyd
Contact Mrs. Boyd by email

4th grade
Savannah Fuller-McDaniel
Contact Mrs. Fuller-McDaniel by email

5th grade
Angela Seal
Contact Ms. Seal by email

5th grade
Terri Watson
Contact Ms. Watson by email

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